Careers Products

Item Description Cost
NEET Tracker Provides schools with information about their possible NEET students and which students need extra support to support them with their progression. This information can be used to inform NEET workers and other agencies of targeted students that need support. £270 + VAT
Careers Section Comprehensive package of everything careers, from Apprenticeship information through to Labour Market Information. Access to over 100 Apprenticeships websites both general and specific to meet student needs. Your School will also find support with CV’s, Personal Statements, and Interview tips and much more, as well as all you need to know about University. £270 + VAT
NEET Tracker & Careers Section All of the above. £500 + VAT

Setup and Support Options

Item Description Cost
Site Visit Including installation and inputting of information for the NEET tracker. (We will need a report running from SIMS or your schools management system) £150

For further information about any of the above products please e-mail
or telephone 01977 657600

NB: An official school purchase order must be placed before software/support services are arranged.

All purchase orders need to be sent to:
Finance Office
Minsthorpe Academy Trust
Minsthorpe Lane
South Elmsall

Tel: 01977 657600