Evaluation And Feedback Data

Minsthorpe Community College regularly measures and assess the impact of the CEIAG work undertaken within college. Our students are our number one priority and the feedback from students is essential for us to evaluate and reflect on the work undertaken, and think about how we can improve further the CEIAG programme within college.


The students are asked to feedback after taking part in activities such as Year 8 Preferencing, Year 10 Mock Interviews, The Careers Fair and the overall CEIAG programme they have been involved in throughout their time at Minsthorpe. Another source of Information that supports us in measuring the impact of our work are our annual NEET figures.

We also value and respond to the views of parents which we collect at relevant events such as the Year 8 Preferencing Information Evening.



Year 8 Options Evening Parent Feedback

Year 8 students had a 1-1 Interview with a staff member to look at the research that students had undertaken to reach their options choices. The next 4 graphs show the feedback from parents and students on the questions we asked them.

Post 16 Feedback

We asked our Post 16 students two questions:

1. Y12 students were asked about how they would like P&A time to look next year?

  • Students would like P&A to be optional.
  • No P&A logs – class discussion and time with mentor to get to know each other and catch up is better.
  • Literacy should be personally optional.
  • 2 briefings per half term.
  • No P&A sessions, communicate all through email but twice per half term students need to reply to read receipt.
  • Students who may be late to P1 should have their free periods removed after 3 lates within a 2 week period.
  • Communicating through email is a good idea they would check their emails.
  • Students who are late should have to go to a special P&A sessions until their attendance improves.

2. To both teachers and students – I am seeking your opinion prior to pulling together a revision/study skills session, what do you need support with?

  • The best strategies to revise.
  • Writing for long questions.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Time management.
  • How to self-motivate to start revising.
  • Advice on how to tackle exam questions – specific to the subject we are doing.
  • Revision materials – books etc./stationary.
  • How to condense information.
  • How to tackle exam practice questions as a focus.
  • How to organise notes over a two year course.
  • How to effectively complete independent research – (rather than rely on Google!).
  • How to use a referencing system appropriately – avoid plagiarism.
  • Effective ways to manage non-contact time per week/per month/per term.

Careers Fair Feedback