College Bus Service Changes


We have been informed that there are changes to the bus services run by M Travel. The Upton service will stay the same, however, the South Kirkby bus service will be run by Watersons in the morning and CT Plus in the afternoon.

Metro have advised us that for the foreseeable future the South Kirkby bus will be a single decker. Mr Yates, Assistant Principal has spoken to Metro and we have explained a double decker is needed.

Metro have said that in the short term they would advise students to catch the 496 service bus as the contractor currently does not have capacity for a double decker bus. Mr Yates has explained that due to the distance from college some of our students who live at the top of South Kirkby, would have a journey home of around 45 mins to 1 hour. Metro have said that that is within their guidelines of an hour and a quarter for travel. They as such are under no obligation to put on another service.

We will update parents/carers as soon as we are made aware.

In the short term parents and students should make alternative arrangements of getting to and from school.

Bus Companies

The bus services that serve the College are private companies that are licensed by Metro. As such we have no control over them, they are not contracted by the College. If you have a query or complaint regarding the bus service please direct this in the first instance to the service provider and Metro. If your query is regarding students who use the buses then please contact the College.

  • Upton Bus Service 249 A – Stanley Gaph – 01977 514430
  • South Kirkby 563 (AM) – Watersons – 07980 882112
  • South Kirkby 563 (PM) – CT Plus – 01977 377084

Young Persons PhotoCard

As you are aware all Young Persons from the age of 11-16 who live in West Yorkshire are required to obtain a Young Persons PhotoCard in order to prove eligibility for concessionary travel within West Yorkshire.

All Young Persons PhotoCards should be scanned on the ticket machine upon boarding the bus, which means that any Young Person boarding a bus without presenting a PhotoCard will be required to pay the full adult fare for the journey to be made.

Young Persons under the age of 11 are not required to obtain a PhotoCard and therefore should be charged a half fare.

Under no circumstances should a child or vulnerable member of the public be refused travel for their inability to tender the current fare.