Confiscation Of Jewellery, Mobile Phones And Other Electronic Devices

Minsthorpe Community College

You will be aware from our College Code of Conduct of the following expectations in terms of jewellery, mobile phones and other electronic devices:

"Watches are permitted. Students may wear a watch and one small silver, gold or diamante coloured stud earring worn in each earlobe. All other items of jewellery will be confiscated and can be collected from the Finance Office at the end of the College day."

"Mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or any other electronic equipment are not allowed to be used in College. We are not insured for loss or damage to valuable personal items. Usage will result in confiscation.

As soon as students come on site, mobile phones must be switched off and put away."

As stated in the Student Planner, "They (mobile phones) may be used to support learning during lessons only with staff permission."

We are pleased that the vast majority of students meet their responsibilities and ‘Behave the Minsthorpe Way’ day in and day out.

Unfortunately, a small number of students choose not to meet these clear responsibilities on repeated occasions. For this reason, we would like to make you aware of the following changes, which will take effect after the February half term holiday:

  • The first occasion when a student’s jewellery/mobile phone is confiscated, it will be kept securely in the Finance Office and may be collected by the student at the end of the day. Students will be expected to show their planner as identification.
  • The second (or future) occasion when a student’s jewellery/mobile phone is confiscated, it will be taken to the Finance Office and must be collected by a parent/carer (who needs to be a contact on our records – in order to protect your child’s item. A text will be sent to alert you.

Students will be made aware of this change for repeat offenders in assembly this week. I thank you in anticipation of your support and ask that you discuss the importance of ‘Behaving the Minsthorpe Way’ with your child.

Yours sincerely

R. Henshaw