European Day of Languages 2015

European Day of Languages 2015

Thursday 24th September 2015

There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world. And behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages aims to celebrate – by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them.

In schools all over the country, students will be celebrating the European Day of Languages in different ways. At Minsthorpe this year we are holding our now annual Eurofest. Students will be taking part in activities to do with a range of languages in all different Curriculum Areas in college.

We hope that students have a great day and go home having learnt lots of words in lots of different languages. At home you could try to say ‘hello’ in a different language using this list:

Language Translation
French Bonjour
Spanish Hola
Italian Ciao
German Guten Tag
Greek Γεια σαζ (Yas as)
Swedish Hej (hay)
Czech Ahoj (ahoy)
Danish Goddag (gud-day)
Dutch Hoi (hoy)
Finnish Hei (hay)
Hungarian Jó napot (yon na-pot)
Icelandic Hallo
Norwegian Hallo
Polish Cześć (che-st)
Portugese Olá

Have a great day!

Sally Hayes