Friday 2nd March – Decision By 6:30am


Dear Parents/Carers

At present we hope to open the College tomorrow morning but it is a tough call and we will make a final decision by 06:30 tomorrow morning. The picture locally is mixed tomorrow with some schools already announcing that they are closed but others, like us, are aiming to open if they can. Local conditions and travel conditions in the morning will guide my decision.

Snow is not likely to be a problem tomorrow but ice will be – with a very hard frost forecast overnight. If this threatens to make the walk (or drive) to College treacherous I will err on the side of caution as I do not want students hurting themselves slipping over (or a car involved in an accident) when the journey might have been avoided. Equally, we have staff coming from all over West Yorkshire travelling to work and it makes no sense for us to open if many of these end up stuck on untreated side roads or stuck in traffic jams because then we cannot safely supervise the students who are in.

Equally, like you, if staff have children in schools that are closed they may need to stay at home to provide child care. In situations like this I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t – but please be assured that my decision will be based on keeping staff, students and parents safe. These are extraordinary conditions and I hope that you appreciate that if a decision is taken to close the College, it is never taken lightly.

Mr R Henshaw