Governors’ Visit To College – 19th June 2019

Minsthorpe Community College

As Chair and Vice Chair of Governors at MCC we would like to thank the college, and in particular Mrs Merritt and Mr Gilmore for allowing us to spend a day visiting the college.

We very much enjoyed spending some time in various areas, meeting pupils and staff and engaging in some of the lunch time routines.

This is a brief report of our findings:

We visited the MID Room provision and the Step Back provision. In both areas we found staff engaged with pupils and thriving to make a positive difference to the most vulnerable of pupils. In the MID Room, we were pleased to see some restorative practice was taking place for pupils who have, at times, made wrong choices. In both settings the support, care and mutual respect was evident. Thank you to the members of staff and the pupils who were very accommodating, it really emphasizes the fact that no child is left behind!

We visited the library and were blown away by the quality of the learning environment and the wonderful reading taking place.

We had lunch in the Year 10/11 dining area and were very impressed by how welcoming and friendly pupils were. The lunch time session was settled, pleasant and well managed.

We then had a tour of the clubs and facilities on offer at lunch. It was heart-warming to see so many pupils engaged in sporting activities!

In the afternoon we visited 4 English lessons and 4 Maths lessons. We would like to thank Katie, Luke and Simon and all their staff for allowing us into their classes and giving us this great opportunity. In all lessons we were blown away by the "Learning the Minsthorpe Way". Pupils were settled, engaged, ready to learn, enthusiastic, willing to share their learning, cooperative and polite.

The consistency of the curriculum coverage transpired in all lessons and differentiation was evident. Though working on the same topic, it was clear teachers were tailoring the teaching to the needs of the children and, through their content and approach, were able to get the best out of the pupils. In both subject areas it was clear the rigorous and standardised planning was having a positive impact on the achievement of the pupils. The Mastery approach in Maths was allowing pupils to investigate and peer learn rather than just practice.

Finally, once again, we would like to thank all staff for making this visit possible, but most of all we would like to thank all the pupils for their genuine welcome, their heart-warming comments, their maturity, their respect and their hard work.

We are, as Governors, very proud of them all and we are looking forward to visiting again soon.

Kind regards,

Mrs B Semper
Chair of Governors

Mrs C Britton
Vice Chair of Governors