Important Notice for Parents of Students in Year 7: Road Safety Performance – 12th November 2018

The Riot Act

Please be aware that on the morning of Monday the 12th of November we have the honour of hosting the ‘Riot Act Theatre Company’ in College where they will be presenting their annual Road Safety Performance.

This highly engaging, multi-media theatre event promotes key road safety messages to Year 7 students and will:

  • Raise awareness of the danger of roadside distractions from music, phones and friends
  • Help students to identify and cope with peer influence and peer pressure
  • Promote safe, responsible and positive behaviour amongst students on the home to school journey

Please contact the SMSC Team at the College and ask to speak with Mrs K Jackson or Mrs P Osborne if you feel that your child should not be involved in these external inputs.

We hope that the messages delivered will ensure that your child is safe when on or near the roads.