Induction Of New Staff

AIM: To establish an informative and appropriate package of Induction for ALL staff who join Minsthorpe Community College both teaching and support. It will be a package which not only provides job specific information but which illustrates our College ethos and our values.

All Teaching and All Support Staff

1. Induction Day prior to starting at Minsthorpe Community College (support staff wherever possible)

There are three calendared induction days for new staff during the year.


  • Welcome & meet Leadership Team/Support Team leader
  • Staff Handbook session
  • Various presentations to include all Leadership team, general office manager, technical team, premises, community, recent staff FAQ session, who’s who session (key personnel)
  • Meet students
  • Systems & Policies
  • Site walkabout
  • Time in Curriculum Area or support team
  • Photos and fingerprints

2. First day ‘shadowing’


  • Welcome
  • Format will then depend on whether staff attended the induction day. For most this will involve shadowing and PPA time.
  • Allocate each new member of staff a ‘buddy’ within the team

(HR team will liaise with the relevant people throughout the year to give advance warning of start dates of support staff. Wherever possible, dates will be combined and support staff could be asked to come in before starting.)

3. CPD Programme

All new staff to Minsthorpe Community College (Teaching and Support) will have access to a number of training and development opportunities throughout the year. Some of these will be specific to new staff.