MYRIAD – Reminder For Parents


Dear Parent/Carer,

A year ago we wrote to you inviting your child to take part in a national research project called My Resilience in Adolescence (MYRIAD), along with the rest of his or her class. Your child’s school has agreed to work together with the University of Oxford to take part in this project, which is looking at wellbeing and resilience during adolescence. If your child participated they have already given valuable information towards this project by completing questions about their own resilience and wellbeing.

We are writing to you again as the classes progressing onto the next stage of the project have now been allocated. These classes are selected randomly and are not affected by how pupils answered their last set of questionnaires. If your child’s class has been randomly selected to take part in the next set of measures, you will have received a separate letter explaining this. If you have not received this letter, it means your child’s class will not be included in the next stage.

Please note, if you previously let the school know that you don’t want your child to take part, no matter which class they are in, they will not be approached by the MYRIAD researchers.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Willem Kuyken (Chief Investigator)
Elizabeth Nuthall (Trial Manager)