Non-Uniform Day – Friday 20th July 2018

Minsthorpe Community College

You will all be aware of the tragic death of a former Minsthorpe student, Ben Crawford, whilst on holiday with friends in Ibiza. Ben was one of our own and we are saddened by his loss.

At Minsthorpe, we are an extended family and we do what all family members do at times like this – we help out. The College intends to have an extra non-uniform day on Friday July 20th and all of the proceeds raised from donations will go to Ben’s family. Whilst the normal donations fees will apply I know that the staff and students of Minsthorpe have big hearts and always stand up to be counted when the going gets tough and that, those who can afford to, will pay more than the minimum donation on this occasion knowing that his family will appreciate our thoughts and kindness.

The charge for all students attending College in non-uniform is £1.00 however students who want to contribute more are welcome to do so.

We must stress the following:

  • No fancy dress
  • No hats for students in Key Stage 3 and 4
  • No extremes of fashion including clothing which has slogans/offensive writing or innuendo
  • No excessively high heels
  • No jewellery other than simple stud earrings
  • No tops that expose the student’s midriff
  • No inappropriate length shorts

Thank you once again for assisting your child and the College in supporting such worthy causes.

Mr D Lloyd
(Associate Assistant Principal)
On behalf of the College and the Student Council