Picking Up and Dropping Off

Picking Up and Dropping Off

This is an urgent message

At Minsthorpe Community College we have growing concerns about the health and safety of our students and other site users due to the amount of cars that are blocking access and exit points to the second school entrance situated at the bottom of Minsthorpe Lane.

We are requesting that all parents should use the very bottom car park, which can be found by driving down the hill past the Sports and Fitness Centre, to pick up and drop off their child.

Cars should not stop or wait in any area other than a designated parking space in the main bottom car park, located by the Science and Technology block and Post 16 Centre, as they are causing a potential hazard to students and other road users.

If after Friday 18th September you are found to be parking in the aforementioned area, staff will ask you to move as you are putting site users at risk.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring that all our site users are safe.

Mrs J Collins
Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing and Safety