Principal’s Blog – 13th May 2016

Black Cat


In gymnastics, tumbling, also known as power tumbling, is an acrobatic sporting discipline which combines some of the skills of artistic gymnastics on the floor with those of trampolining. It was developed from tumbling performances performed by entertainers from very early times but as a sport it is now codified, regulated, judged, and performed using standardized special acrobatic equipment. Oliver Watson, a student in Year 7 is an established gymnast in this discipline and has just qualified for the National Development Plan Semi Finals on 28th-29th May 2016. We wish him well. Oliver is one of those dedicated athletes who act as a role model to others and, despite training for 10 hours each week, his attendance is 99.3% and his behaviour record is exemplary. Outstanding effort, Oliver!

Character Education

Recently, everyone seems to be talking about character education – policy makers, parents, teachers, employers and young people. But character education is not a new fad, it is an idea dating back to the ancient Greeks and in particular the philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle believed that the purpose of life was to flourish and that in order flourish you must possess good character. Good character consists of having a number of virtues, but most importantly knowing what to do (and what not to) do at the right time, in the right place. Learning at Minsthorpe is organised around the 6Rs and we use these to develop character traits, teaching our young people to be resilient, responsible, reflective, respectful, reasoning and resourceful. We model character virtues by encouraging our students to behave and learn The Minsthorpe Way.

Unlucky for Some?

Friday 13th is instinctively linked to bad luck. Psychologically, for some this fear can be crippling with some people having a condition called paraskevidekatriaphobia-a phobic fear of Friday 13th. The term itself was coined by psychotherapist, Donald Dossey who tells patients "When you learn to pronounce it, you’re cured." Others grit their teeth and nervously get through the day. Many people will refuse to fly – let alone sit in row 13 – buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip, inactions that noticeably slow economic activity every Friday 13th with millions of pounds being lost as people refuse to fly or do business as normal. It is a learned fear, like so many others, in which others teach us negative taboo superstitions like not walking under ladders, keeping clear of black cats and not breaking mirrors. Superstitions are human attempts to understand – and even control – fate in an uncertain world and surviving the day unscathed can offer both comfort and structure in a world full of random and uncontrollable worries!

Ray Henshaw