Principal’s Blog – 16th September 2016

Dressing The Minsthorpe Way

New Staff

This year we have a number of new staff joining the college who have quickly found their feet and are already making quite an impression and I would like to introduce them to you. What a talented bunch they are! On the document below you will find a pen portrait of each new member of Team Minsthorpe and we offer them a warm welcome to the college.

A Growth Mindset

This week, the follow-up to my assemblies last week on the lessons we can learn from Team GB have focussed on the growth mindset that we want students at Minsthorpe to adopt. Longitudinal studies of intelligence, talent and ability are suggesting that only 25% of this is genetic – the rest is learned. People with a growth mindset believe that they can continually improve and see challenges as a way of improving their performance. Above all, like our Olympians, they believe that rewards demand commitment and effort. This is a message that we have been giving to students for the past three years and it can be summarised in one simple formula: Success = Talent + Effort + Mindset. Intelligence is not set in stone and, at Minsthorpe, we believe that the talent of every student can be developed and improved.

Uniform Matters

Our students generally look very smart and I’d like to thank parents for helping us by ensuring that your sons and daughters are attending college in the correct uniform. However, we are still seeing some girls in bodycon skirts (made from elasticated, tubular material) and these are not acceptable. If in doubt our uniform policy is on our website – School Uniform.

School Holidays

Wakefield LA is currently carrying out a public consultation on two school calendar options for 2017/18 as it considers whether to align its school calendar with neighbouring authorities. If you want to have your say then you will need to complete the online form that can be found here on the Wakefield Council website.

Mathematics Mastery

Our Year 7’s have had a successful start to their Mathematics Mastery lessons. We are starting the year investigating place value and have had some great discussions. We have used a variety of manipulatives to ensure a concrete understanding. Once the mathematical skills and concepts have been explored, using a CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach, students will be able to represent the skill or concept in a variety of ways, including solving problems, to give pupils a richer and deeper learning experience.

Have a go at one of our challenge extras!

Challenge Extra

Ray Henshaw

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