Principal’s Blog – 22nd April 2016

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Sport Relief

In a recent blog I described the many activities that took place at the college in the week of Sport Relief. In total the college raised £2,687.00 for charity – what an incredible achievement! Well done to all the students and staff who took part and who gave so generously.

The Shine Project

Last week a number of Year 8 boys continued their work on the Shine Project. The college won a grant to use technology such as iPads and Green Screens to engage with 15 disadvantaged boys in Year 8 who had not made sufficient progress in Year 7. This time the boys have been studying the topic of ‘outer space’ through poetry and design and, so far, the majority of the group have made one sublevel of progress after engaging with this innovative project. At the end of the project we will compare the progress of this group with that of a control group, also identified in Year 7, who were matched with them in terms of ability levels.

Rocket Science

On Monday April 18th we received a number of seeds that have been in space on the International Space Station with astronaut, Tim Peake. They were planted by 8.5 who worked together as a team to make 200 labels for the seeds we have received. Over the next 35 days we will make various observations and take height measurements – using maths and science skills – to record data for the national database. The idea is to determine whether being in space has any effect on seeds and plant growth. This information will be used in the development of growing food in space for future space exploration to allow astronauts to travel further. One packet of seeds remained on the ISS and the other has been sent here to us on Earth as a control to allow us to make comparisons. It is a pity that a perennial temperate herb called Balsamita vulgaris is not part of the experiment as we could launch a new sci-fi series based on this called Alecost in Space! Sorry – bad pun! Here comes another one…

Dream Team 2016

Shakespeare walks into a tavern in Stratford. The innkeeper shouts "Oi, you – get out – you’re Bard!" Dreadful, I know – sorry. This clumsy Segway is designed to let me talk about the way that we have been celebrating the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death at Minsthorpe. You will know from my previous blogs how much we do when it comes to the work of Shakespeare and, on Friday April 22nd, throughout the day students were treated to excepts from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and different curriculum areas explored aspects of Shakespeare’s life and work. His work is a timeless examination of the human condition, as relevant now as it was when written and we know that all the world’s a stage.

Ray Henshaw