Principal’s Blog – 24th June 2016

  • Just Like Us (Non-Uniform Day Charity)
  • Berlin Wall


Oil-Ternative Prototype

In a previous blog I showed you the entry of our STEM team for the Shell Innovations Award. Sadly we did not win but have been highly commended and the judges have asked us to send our prototype models to be displayed at the Make the Future exhibition that will be held in London from June 30th – July 4th – Shell’s festival of ideas and innovation – and it is a real triumph for our students to be afforded space at the exhibition. Well done to all concerned.

Year 6 Transition

On Monday the 20th and Tuesday 21st June students from all of our primary feeders were in the college experiencing teaching at Minsthorpe. Students had lessons in English, Maths, ICT and Science and got a taste of life at the big school. The Year 6 Information Evening held on Wednesday 22nd June was packed with parents keen to hear about what Minsthorpe offers their sons and daughters. A big thanks to all of the staff and students who made all of these transition events such a success.

Non-Uniform Day

Friday June 24th was a non-uniform day and the proceeds went to the Prince of Wales Hospice, Pontefract and the diversity charity, Just Like Us. As ever, the charities were chosen by the students and I will be able to give you a total of funds raised next week.

The Iron Curtain

On June 24th 1948 one of the most dramatic standoffs in the history of the Cold War began as the Soviet Union blocked all road and rail traffic to and from West Berlin. Following World War II, Germany was divided into occupation zones. The United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and, eventually, France, were given specific zones to occupy in which they were to accept the surrender of Nazi forces and restore order. The blockade forced the West to get supplies into Berlin via air and a Cold War between the East and West began. Whilst the Soviets ended the blockade, the tense stand-off between the East and West continued and in 1961 construction on the Berlin Wall began – a wall that was to separate East and West Berlin for nearly 30 years. This became a symbol of the division that had developed in Europe after the Second World War. How ironic that in the week in which Europe began its artificial division that Britain goes to the polls to vote on whether to remain part of the European Union or not.

Ray Henshaw