Principal’s Blog – 27th November 2015

  • Year 11 Football Team
  • Year 9 Girls Rugby Team
  • Year 9 5-a-side Team


Road Safety

There is a Road Safety Week tab on the website – please take a look. It concerns me that, despite a number of recent injuries and deaths on our local roads, some students are still taking dreadful risks when crossing busy roads. Road Safety Week runs from 23rd – 29 November 2015 and is organised by the charity Brake. This year the tagline is ‘Drive less, live more’. We actively encourage students to cycle to college and would prefer you not to drive your children to college each day – not least because it creates such traffic problems at the start and finish of each day. Assemblies all week reminded students that they are precious and irreplaceable and need to be careful around vehicular traffic. Machines can be repaired but this is much harder when it comes to people; machines can be replaced but our young people are irreplaceable. Please have the conversation with your sons and daughters, the seconds that they gain by running carelessly across roads are simply not worth the risk.

Shenton’s Superstars!

Last week it was Paul Broadbent; this week it was Michael Shenton. In March 2015, 35 Year 7 lads joined this programme organised by Michael to promote the core values of discipline, respect, sacrifice, team working and motivation. As each student evidenced these character skills PE staff – or ‘Co-Captains’ as they were called – gave them a stamp in the shape of a rugby ball as evidence. The Bronze Award was a rugby ball and the Silver Award a training top signed by all of the Castleford players. However, on Friday November 27th Michael – along with a number of Castleford Tigers players – actually delivered their Gold Award prize and the lads, with their Co-Captains were also able to take part in a training session with the players. Thanks to Ms Paul for organising and to all the Co-Captains – Mr Max, Mr Harnell, Mr Ruston, Mr Clough, Mr Fowle and Mr Cameron.

The programme really worked with over 82% of the students involved improving on their average effort grade. What a great achievement!

Sporting Superstars!

At the end of October the Year 11 football team travelled to London to play Edmonton County in the London Borough of Enfield. The team won an entertaining game by 4 goals to 2. Staff and students stayed over at Cheshunt Youth Hostel, spent the evening playing ten pin bowling and then next day called in at the Hawthorns, on the way home, to watch WBA play Sunderland in the Premier League. Well done to all the lads that spread the good name of Minsthorpe Community College to the Midlands and London.

Our Year 9 girls rugby team took part in the annual tournament at De Lacy on November 25th and were undefeated having played 4 games against; Carleton (20-4), Airedale (16-0), Kings (16-0) and finally De Lacy (16-12). The way the girls played in each game was fantastic, they work hard in training and have improved in every fixture they have played. The tournament really shows the way they are playing at the moment and the girls received compliments from the staff there regarding their defence and their ability to complete sets error free in attack giving out lots of big hits in the process and scoring some quality tries.

Also congratulations to our Year 9 football team who won the Wakefield 5-a-side tournament in Wakefield on Thursday 26th November. What sporting excellence we have in this college!

The Last Crusade?

On November 27th, 1095, Pope Urban II made perhaps the most influential speech of the Middle Ages calling all Christians in Europe to a war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land, with a cry of "Deus vult!" or "God wills it!" Urban died in 1099, two weeks after the fall of Jerusalem. His was the first of seven major military campaigns fought over the next two centuries known as the Crusades, the bloody repercussions of which are still felt today, most recently in Mali, Brussels and Paris. This terrorism is linked to the ongoing problems in the Middle East. Whilst the problems are complex, they still bear the hallmarks of the polarised thinking that underpinned the first crusade. If there is ever to be peace then both sides need to undergo a change of mind. Only a new shared vision will suffice – without it the bloodshed will continue, achieving nothing.

Ray Henshaw