Principal’s Blog – 30th September 2016

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EGX Gaming Convention 2016

A number of students from Minsthorpe attended this year’s EGX Gaming Convention at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The convention went on for 4 four days starting on Thursday the 22nd September. This was a launch for indie games, retro games and for new PlayStation releases etc. There were also merchandise stalls and tournament areas, the biggest one being the GFinity tournament area where two teams of 5 played the First Person Shooter title Counter Strike: Global Offensive for a cash prize and a cup.

Students report that their time there was absolutely fantastic and everyone had a great time.

Come Hell Or High Water

No, not the new Jeff Bridges movie – but a tale of derring do and charitable enterprise from one of Minsthorpe’s students, Joe Brondel, who is in Year 7. Last weekend he swam 3 miles in the open water of Derwent Water in the Lake District. A huge task for anyone – let alone an 11-year-old! With his friend (and co-swimmer from QEGS) Joe raised almost £1,000 for the Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract where, sadly, his grandfather spent his last days before passing away in December 2015. So far in total approximately £11,000 has been raised through The Mighty Swim and we are proud of Joe’s contribution. Not only has he honoured the memory of his grandfather, he has also helped raised money to enable the hospice to help others. We salute him!

‘Allo, ‘Allo!

As you can see from the scrolling pictures, staff at Minsthorpe fully embraced the European Day of languages on Monday 26th September. Students were perplexed by the sight of me dressed in a Kolpak fur hat greeting them in Polish at the gates at 08:00 but, as they events of the day unfolded, they learned a great deal about the variety of languages spoken in Europe. We may be post-Brexit but we remain European.

A Fond Farewell

Sadly, Margaret Hughes has been forced to retire this week due to ill health. Prior to starting at Minsthorpe she worked as a Packer at Mills in South Kirby from September 1968 to October 1978. From October 1978 to May 1983 she took time out to raise her family. She started at the College in May 1983 as a Cleaning Assistant and then took on the additional role of Litter Picker in 2000. As a Cleaning Assistant she spent the vast majority of her time based in Design Technology and the team have missed her massively since she has been off ‘because nobody looks after the food rooms like Mags’.

Mags has served this college loyally for 33 years and I will miss her greatly. I remember wandering about the college on the second day of my interview in September 2013. I came across Mags cleaning up the Carnegie Quad area and I talked to her about the college. Her love and passion for Minsthorpe shone through and I thought that I would be privileged to lead a school with staff such as this and it made me even more determined to get the job. Mags was clearly prescient, saying to me on that day that I would be successful as I was the right person for Minsthorpe! Everyone here at Minsthorpe will miss her cheerful smile – she is one of the good guys. Have a long and happy retirement, Mags.

Ray Henshaw