Road Safety Week 2015

Road Safety Week 2015

Dear Parents and Carers,

I feel that it is important to make you aware that College assemblies next week will focus on Road Safety. It forms part of the National Road Safety Week organised by BRAKE the Road Safety Charity.

I am aware that recent tragic events make the topic of these assemblies difficult to handle and I feel that some of the information given may well cause distress and upset to our students. However, I believe that it is essential that we continue to highlight the hazards and dangers that we all face when in and around roads. I ask for your continued support in ensuring that these important messages are given to your child at home as well as in College.

A message from BRAKE:

In this year’s Road Safety Week (23-29 November 2015), we’re asking everyone to ‘drive less, live more’. We’re encouraging everyone to consider how they use roads, and if they can ditch some vehicle mileage, and instead walk, cycle or use public transport as much as possible. Work out how much money you’ll save, calories you’ll burn, and pollution you won’t create, and build it into your routine. If you are driving, drive slowly and smoothly, and GO 20 in towns and villages, to protect people on foot and bike and reduce fuel use. And if you’re already a walker, cyclist or public transport user, or wish there were better alternatives to driving in your area, join us in speaking out about active and sustainable travel and safer streets for all, such as by supporting our GO 20 campaign.

Mrs J Collins
Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing & Safety)