Biometric System

The college utilises a cashless system called ‘Biometrics’ to improve the efficiency and security of our catering service.

Biometric information is information about a person’s physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify them, for example, information from their fingerprints.

The information is used as part of an automated biometric recognition system. The system takes measurements of your child’s fingerprint and converts these into a template to be stored on the system. An image of your child’s fingerprint is not stored. The template (i.e. measurements taken from your child’s fingerprint) is what will be used to permit your child to securely access the college meals service. This system also allows a simple discrete method for administering the free school meal benefit.

No biometric information is taken or used without written consent from the parent. Should a parent or child not wish to use biometric recognition a swipe card will be issued for use in the college dining areas. The data is collected and stored with appropriate care and complies with the data protection principles as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.