Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Skills

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Parental involvement, and indeed family involvement, is a core value of Minsthorpe Community College. We firmly believe that the literate society begins in the home and is sustained by home literacy practices and culture. There is a range of research and evidence, which demonstrates significant gains in children’s reading achievement as a result of parental intervention. We, therefore, urge you to maintain a level of parental involvement around your child’s literacy level. We find that (in some cases) the move from Primary to Secondary, sees parents become less actively involved in the literacy development of their child. We are calling for your action and support! We would like you to help us improve the life chances of your children by trying to follow these golden literacy steps on a weekly basis:

Book & Pens

  1. Promote a love of reading! Be positive about reading. Celebrate when your child finishes a book! Talk about the books your child is reading in school! Having a positive attitude towards reading can make all the difference to engagement.
  2. Listen to your child read every day for 20 minutes. All children in our college are asked to carry a reading book with them. All year groups read weekly in P&A time and Year 7-8 students have 1 lesson a week dedicated to Accelerated Reader (see attachments to help explain our AR programme). This means your child will have a reading book that you can read together! Don’t be afraid to read to your child as well, no matter how old you are everyone loves a good story!

    In P&A time we are reading the following books:

    Year 7 – Wonder – R. J. Palacio

    Year 8 – There Will be Lies – Nick Lake

    Year 9 – Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon

    Year 10 – Eve of Man – Tom Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher

  3. Spellings, vocabulary and quotation tests. Students in KS3 will have spelling tests in their English lessons weekly. We still need your support to ensure that students are learning and memorising their spellings. Additionally, at KS4 we need students to be able to memorise and explain quotations for all their GCSE English Literature texts! You can help test your child and ask them to explain what the quotations mean.
  4. Perhaps you can have a go at some of the literacy activities in the attached booklet below? We have a range of 5 minute Grammar activities as well as some lists of commonly misspelt words and some grammar work booklets (if you would like anything printing, please contact Mrs. K. Gibson and we will organise this for you.).

Book Tree


Why not use the following resources at home to support your child’s literacy skills?

Resource Download
Year 7 & 8 Grammar Files Download File
Year 9 Grammar Files Download File
Year 10 & 11 Grammar Booklet Download File

Recommended Reading

Here are some recommendations for books young people might enjoy. We have put them in the age appropriate lists and hope that they will encourage independent reading.

Most of these titles are available in the school library: