School Trip: EGX 2014

EGX 2014: Show Floor

Last Friday, 18 Post 16 students travelled London to go to EGX, the biggest games show in the UK. Held in Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, the event started on the Thursday and ended on Sunday, and included a variety of games, from unreleased triple-A blockbuster titles like Alien: Isolation to retro titles like Quake and Duck Hunt, and everything in between. The expo also included cosplay of various video game characters, high-level competitive tournaments and even board games.

Between the group, we managed to play a number of unreleased and recently released games, including The Crew, Alien: Isolation, Mortal Kombat X, FIFA 15, Battlefield Hardline and Destiny. We found that The Crew was enjoyable with a few people playing at the same time. Those that played it found Alien: Isolation a good experience with some high-tension scary sections.

EGX 2014: The Crew

A large part of the show floor was taken up by retro gaming booths featuring obsolete games and consoles from the Amstrad CPC to the PS2 and covered every angle and genre of retro games. There were 8 PCs playing head to head on Counter Strike 1.6 and there were 4 consoles playing various rally games playing split screen races so that friends could play head to head to head in a test of skill.

EGX 2014: Meeting Mario

There were a number of people dressed up as their favourite characters, it wasn’t uncommon to run into Mario or Luigi or Ezio or a man covered in duct tape as you perused the stalls and booths at the well-attended event.

Overall, the event was very enjoyable, and all who attended had a great day, and if the opportunity arises, we recommend that people attend in future years.

Richard Sixsmith and Harley Curnow

Recipe: Tortilla Pizzas

Tortilla Pizzas


  • Tortilla’s
  • Tomato puree or pasta sauce (or even BBQ sauce instead – for the more adventurous people)
  • Cheese (any kind)
  • Whatever vegetables, meats and herbs you want


  1. Firstly, spread your chosen sauce across the tortilla (breads such as flatbread and pitta work just as well)
  2. After that, sprinkle a plentiful amount of cheese across the surface along and your chosen ingredients
  3. Put your product in the oven for 5-10 minutes on a 345 degree heat gas mark 4 (ovens may vary, as well as people’s preferences to being crisp or soft) – just be sure to keep an eye on your food

Kyle Hurdiss

Game Review: Destiny


This week’s Game review is of the recently released Bungie-developed, Activision-published, Sci-Fi FPS RPG title called Destiny.

Destiny is a beautifully built world that is easy to navigate for many first time open-world game players and a story that for a first title in a series is easy to understand follow as it slowly given to you follow through the campaign. With the choice of 3 guardian types you can pick the character that reflects your play style as The Hunter offers a strong shooter and agile speed to move around while The Titan offers a physically strong character who can receive large amounts of damage while dealing it back, The Warlock is more suited for players who want to uses the elements and fight from a distance.

Even though most game reviews put the game as a short adventure, this is far from the truth as the main story may be short but the game is built up for the long run and built for people who enjoy working away collecting and improving their characters and weaponry. The game also offer a largely competitive online multiplayer which allows you to test your loot and collect more against others online players with 4 competitive game modes.

However the game is held back by its small amount of content and short story that most typical players would start to become bored of as the weapons system isn’t that unique as it shared by games such as Borderlands. But as the saying goes "It’s quality, not quantity that counts" and Destiny achieves this with all of it features.

Overall the game is great for the fans of the RPG genre and even though most reviews are only up to the point of the ending of the campaign it was made to be played further beyond that and for that I would give Destiny an 8/10.