Open Evening 2021

Y6 Principals Address in the main hall at the following times:

P16 Principals’ Address in the Main Hall at 5.45pm

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Minsthorpe Community College KS4 (GCSE) Results 2021

  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021


Year 11 students at Minsthorpe Community College have once again achieved some amazing outcomes as a result of the motivation, commitment and care they have demonstrated during extremely challenging times. These results are a reflection of the hard work displayed by the students throughout their five years at the College and they will serve as a stepping stone to future success. We look forward to welcoming many of them to Minsthorpe Post 16 to continue their studies in September.

There were numerous individual success stories but special mention goes to Ellie Beaumont, Charlotte Downing, Jacob Hawkins and Jack Kenyon for their outstanding results, achieving multiple grade 8s and 9s. In addition, Ellison Greene, Marissa Morrison, Molly Richardson and Libby Shepherd have made extraordinary progress across a range of subjects during their time at Minsthorpe.

This group of Year 11 students have faced a year of uncertainty, but they have worked incredibly hard in College, including in additional after-college lessons throughout the Autumn Term and also online during two periods of school closure. Many of them have had to work at home due to self-isolation and they faced the challenge of demanding teacher assessments in the Summer Term. The staff at Minsthorpe feel very proud of the results achieved by these young people, which are a reflection of their resilience and dedication.

Joint Principals, Mr Gilmore and Mrs Merritt commented, ‘We could not be more pleased with our Year 11 students and their achievements. We mention our ethos of ‘Team Minsthorpe’ repeatedly and these results really are a team effort. We would like to congratulate the students and thank their supportive parents/carers, our amazing staff and the committed governing body for the part they have played in this unprecedented year.’

Post 16 Results 2021

  • Post 16 Results Day 2021
  • Post 16 Results Day 2021
  • Post 16 Results Day 2021
  • Post 16 Results Day 2021
  • Post 16 Results Day 2021
  • Post 16 Results Day 2021


Minsthorpe Community College are delighted that our students have once again achieved remarkable Post 16 results this year due to their consistent hard work. In what has been extremely challenging times for young people, the students have demonstrated outstanding resilience and effort levels throughout this period to achieve some exceptional outcomes. These results and their experiences at the College have enabled them to progress on to higher education, employment and training and this is something Minsthorpe is incredibly proud of.

These fantastic results mean that a record 100% of students are able to attend their first choice of university, with 89% of these being the first in their immediate family (first generation) to go on to higher education. Despite the impact of COVID and a national reduction in apprenticeship places, we are also pleased to say that 11% of the cohort have successfully secured an apprenticeship.

It has been an unprecedented year or two for all students across the country but we would like to congratulate our students on the motivation, commitment and care they have shown during the time they have spent at Minsthorpe Community College. It has been an amazing journey and one that will be a springboard to greater successes in the future.

There were numerous individual standout student successes but in particular special mention goes to Elisha Heckler, Kenneth Lindley, Evie Smith, Drew Staniforth and Holly Wincer who have all achieved outstanding results across all their subjects.

Joint Principals. Mr Gilmore and Mrs Merritt commented, “We feel immensely proud of the achievements of our Year 13 students this year more than ever, as we are acutely aware of the unprecedented challenges this group of students have faced over the two years of their Post 16 education. We speak to our students regularly about our ‘Team Minsthorpe’ ethos and we are sure that the young people will agree that the support of their families and their teachers has been invaluable throughout these uncertain times, but especially during periods of remote learning. We extend our warmest congratulations to the students and our heartfelt thanks to their parents/carers, our staff and the governing body for the part everyone has played in the students’ success.”

Spring 2022 Term – Information & Updates

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Behaviour and Uniform Assemblies – September 2021

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Remote Learning Provision January 2021
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