Minsthorpe Community College KS4 (GCSE) Results 2021

  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021
  • GCSE Results Day 2021


Year 11 students at Minsthorpe Community College have once again achieved some amazing outcomes as a result of the motivation, commitment and care they have demonstrated during extremely challenging times. These results are a reflection of the hard work displayed by the students throughout their five years at the College and they will serve as a stepping stone to future success. We look forward to welcoming many of them to Minsthorpe Post 16 to continue their studies in September.

There were numerous individual success stories but special mention goes to Ellie Beaumont, Charlotte Downing, Jacob Hawkins and Jack Kenyon for their outstanding results, achieving multiple grade 8s and 9s. In addition, Ellison Greene, Marissa Morrison, Molly Richardson and Libby Shepherd have made extraordinary progress across a range of subjects during their time at Minsthorpe.

This group of Year 11 students have faced a year of uncertainty, but they have worked incredibly hard in College, including in additional after-college lessons throughout the Autumn Term and also online during two periods of school closure. Many of them have had to work at home due to self-isolation and they faced the challenge of demanding teacher assessments in the Summer Term. The staff at Minsthorpe feel very proud of the results achieved by these young people, which are a reflection of their resilience and dedication.

Joint Principals, Mr Gilmore and Mrs Merritt commented, ‘We could not be more pleased with our Year 11 students and their achievements. We mention our ethos of ‘Team Minsthorpe’ repeatedly and these results really are a team effort. We would like to congratulate the students and thank their supportive parents/carers, our amazing staff and the committed governing body for the part they have played in this unprecedented year.’

Year 6 Parent Information Event 2021

Questions and Answers from the Parent Information Event.

Q: Can I watch this recorded later somewhere?

A: The video is available on our website. You can click on the link from the red box on the home screen.

Q: Children who need a quiet space for lunch time, will they be able to use those on their first day?

A: We do have quiet spaces available during snack break. Please contact College directly to discuss this for your child so it can be in place from September.

Q: Will it still be 3 x double lessons a day?

A: From September we won’t be calling the lessons ‘doubles’. There will be 3 x 100 minute lessons each day.

Q: Do the children need to wear a mask by September?

A: We do not know the answer to this yet. We are awaiting guidance from the Department for Education to help us plan for September. As soon as we know what the plans are, we will share that with parents and carers.

Q: When will the children find out their P&A groups?

A: We will be sharing these with Primary schools in the final 2 weeks of term. We are also hoping to share a video of the new P&A mentors so your child can begin to get to know them before September.

Q: How are you assessing children for their ability group lessons?

A: We have worked closely with Y6 staff throughout this year and they have provided us with a teacher scaled score for English and Maths. We will use these to make our initial groupings.

Q: How can I find out if my child got accepted into Summer school?

A: You should have received an email on 16th June asking you to confirm your place. Please contact the college directly if you have further queries as all Summer school places have now been filled.

Q: Will there be extra-curricular music lessons?

A: Yes we have a fantastic creative department with a number of different music based clubs available! We also have one to one instrument lessons that can be accessed if required.

If you have any specific queries regarding your child, please email enquiries@minsthorpe.cc or ring on the college number.

Many thanks,

Laura Drysdale

COVID-19 Student Home Testing Information

Student home testing kits are now available for collection from the College Reception. Students are asked to do two home tests per week, 3 to 5 days apart, using the home test kits provided by College.

It is important to follow the instructions carefully in the booklet provided. A copy of this booklet is also available on our website.

Please report all of your results via the NHS link on page 15. If a test result is positive, then parents should immediately organise a PCR test at a local testing centre and inform the College by phone or on the gateway App.

Please also report all negative or void results to us in College using the following link: Click Here

Resource Download
Step-by-Step Guide for COVID-19 Self Testing Download File