Uniform Update.

Dear parent / carer. On previous communications we have informed you that in light of Covid 19 regulations classrooms need to be well ventilated. That means that windows and doors are been left partially open. The heating system is on full to compensate. We have made a temporary change to the College uniform policy to support this. Students can continue to wear their blazer and a black V neck jumper or cardigan under the blazer. They can also choose not to wear a blazer but must wear a black v neck jumper instead. We have suggested wearing additional layers the most obvious of which is a warm outdoor coat. However, students may wish to wear a hoodie or another warm article of clothing over the top of the blazer or v neck jumper. Students must not wear that additional item either instead of a blazer or a v neck jumper. In addition, students on the days they have PE should continue to wear PE uniform. Once again, we suggest additional layers on those days.