Value For Money

The college’s vision is to ensure that no child is left behind and each student achieves their full potential, whilst thinking of college improvement with value for money in mind. The Business Director is a member of the leadership team to ensure strategic decisions take financial consideration into account, this being evidenced in the revised college strategic plan plan in which financial planning is linked to whole school targets. In addition to attending whole college discussions the Business Director’s report is a set agenda item each half term.

The governors resources committee meet a minimum of three times a year and look at budget reports in detail; these are then reported back to the full trustee/governing body meetings for their approval and ratification.

The college has financial policies and procedures in place that adhere to the EFA financial regulations and guidelines. These financial procedures are monitored on a regular basis: monthly by the Business Director and Principal and externally by the accountants at year end and termly by an independent accountant who acts in the Responsible Officer Role. Governors and leadership team receive copies of all these monitoring reports.

This year the college made a decision to increase staffing levels in order to raise student achievement through intervention and targeted support. Our 2013 RAISE figures show the improvement that our students have made in several years:

  2012 2013
5 A*-C inc English and Maths 49.6% 70.3%
Average capped point score 321.5 346.4
Expected progress in English 64.2% 85%
Expected progress in Maths 58.7% 70%

All of these scores are above the national average.

At Post 16 our points per candidate rose from 762.8 to 808.6

This improvement in attainment extends to the whole cohort with similar increase in our more vulnerable students:

Closing the Gap (Pupil Premium: Non Pupil Premium) 2012 2013
5 A*-C inc English and Maths 29% 24%
Expected progress in English 17% 17%
Expected progress in Maths 31% 21%

The college have also invested in CPD to enure that all staff are supported and guided towards outstanding practice and classroom delivery. The college works closely with several other schools to share good practice. We have a strong relationship with Edgehill University offering enhanced subject training and leadership skills for both teaching and support staff.


The college strategic ICT plan details the college commitment to investment in ICT. All students have access to up to date PC suites and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

Budgets are devolved to curriculum team leaders based on pupil numbers and number of periods of teaching. This ensures resources are allocated fairly and are based upon student’s needs.

The college has been open since 1969 and many of the blocks are of the CLASP design (Pre-fabricated walls and flat roofs). The college successfully bid to the capital maintenance fund for additional funding this year enabling another of the old CLASP blocks to be re-furbished into a more modern, energy efficient building. Other capital projects took place over the year to improve the learning environment for the students and staff.

Following the end of our current Service Level Agreements for catering and cleaning the college underwent 2 rigorous tender processes for these services (Tender process was checked by our RO during one of his assessment visits).

In looking at the cleaning contract the college took the opportunity to re-structure our premises team. The cleaning has now been taken “in-house” and additional premises staff appointed to provide a more responsive and cohesive premises team.

The college did not feel they had the capacity to manage the catering provision themselves and a new 5 year SLA has been signed with Chartwells. As part of the contract both the college and Chartwells invested in the refurbishment of of our catering facilities resulting in a modern streamlined kitchen area for our students. Students now receive more choice at meal times, with themed days, special offer promotions and better value for money. The contract only started in September so no figures are available to show increased up take of school meals but initial feedback from students is promising.

The latest audited accounts show that the college is in a sound financial position and can continue with its plans to raise attainment, enhance provision and provide value for money.

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