Year 12 Post 16 Update For Parents

Minsthorpe Community College

With just one half term remaining before the end of this academic year we are highlighting some key messages for you to be aware of:

For Level 2 students (Pre-Apprenticeship course) need to ensure:

  • They are up-to-date with all coursework.
  • They are engaging with work experience opportunities.
  • That they have communicated their future plans to Mr Dowey (are they staying to do another course next year, or leaving to study elsewhere? Please feel free to contact Mr Dowey if you want to discuss options).

For Level 3 students (BTEC/A Level):

  • Ensure students are aware of the details (time and location) of their Mock Exams (Start Monday 17th June – Friday 26th June).
  • Be aware that failure to achieve an acceptable pass (based on each student’s personal subject target grade) in the mock exams will result in having to attend college to resit exams on WEDNESDAY 28TH AUGUST. A letter will be sent home in the first week of the summer holidays in addition to subject staff informing students if they need to return to college for a summer resit exam.
  • Failure to achieve an acceptable pass in the resits will result in a meeting with student, parent(s) and Head of Post 16 to discuss the way forward.

How to help students study:

  1. Emphasise through discussion the significance and importance of the Mock Exams (whilst not being external, significant underperformance could result in them having to change courses).
  2. Help students to plan their weeks study habits in the form of a timetable so social time and study time is clearly mapped – and the importance of adhering to this as much as possible and carrying forward tasks that were not completed.
  3. Provide a suitable place at home where focused study can take place and push for there to be ‘gadget free’ time during the planned study times to improve focus.
  4. Regular testing is proven to be one of the most successful ways to embed knowledge so offering this as a way to support their learning is invaluable.

Forthcoming events/messages:

  • Mock Results Day and Report Collection Session on TUESDAY 16TH JULY, 8.30am – 10.25am in the Common Room. Attendance is compulsory for all Level 3 students.
  • UCAS Application – Students involved in this cohort have a timetable of sessions and two events they need to attend, one on Thursday 20th June – UCAS Convention in Leeds, and Wednesday 3rd July to visit Leeds Trinity for a tour and fact finding experience.
  • Study Leave – Year 12 do not get study leave, Thursday 18th July is when the school year ends.

We would both like to thank you for your continued support. If you have any queries or questions regarding any of the points raised above please don’t hesitate to e-mail either of us

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Lewis

Mr D Lloyd